About Us

At Three Willows Wellness, we are more than just owners; we are advocates for your health journey. Join us as we combine expertise, passion, and a touch of family warmth to provide you with a holistic wellness experience.
Michelle and Nick, the proud owners of Three Willows Wellness, welcome you to our health store, a longstanding pillar of Ladner for over 25 years! Our journey here is one of passion, dedication, and a deep connection to South Delta, where we have lived and worked for more than a decade. The opportunity to take over Three Willows Wellness was a dream come true for us. Michelle brings over 8 years of experience in the vitamin and supplement industry, coupled with ongoing studies in Holistic Nutrition. Her expertise extends to being a trained Kundalini Yoga instructor and a practitioner of Pellowah energy healing. On the technical front, Nick ensures the smooth flow of inventory and skillfully navigates the technical intricacies, steering Three Willows into a promising future. He is not only committed to meditation but also an enthusiastic biohacker, constantly exploring innovative wellness approaches. Long beach and forest walks with his dogs, are Nick's favorite way to unwind. Our inspiration for the store's name lies in our roles as proud parents to three incredible children—the three willows in Three Willows Wellness. This family connection is the heart of our business, reflecting our commitment to health, well-being, and community. — Michelle & Nick